Website Hosting

For your website to be viewed by everyone else who is connected to the internet, it has to be loaded on to a special computer called a webserver, the supply of this service is called “hosting”.

Here at ensitedesign we have our own “webspace” which means we can also host your new website, or if you already have a website we can host it for you, or we can even provide you with hosting if you are creating a website and just require some “webspace” to hold it.

Our guaranteed “uptimes” are greater than 99% so you can have complete confidence that your website will always be available.

We don’t use cheap international hosting services, our webservers and email servers are located at the Next Generation data centre in Newport, in the UK

No matter how big or small your project is, we can supply hosting at very competitive costs and of course include expert advice and guidance at the same time. … it’s all part of the service !!