Server Maintenance and Repair

To get the best performance and efficiency from your server, it needs to be maintained.

The maintenance of the server is best planned in advance to have as little effect on the users and the business as possible, thus most updates and server maintenance such as server backups and anti-virus scanning, is carried out during the night or at weekends depending on how your business operates.

Other maintenance tasks such as adding users, or shared folders can be done during the normal working day without any impact on perceived performance by the users.

Most maintenance tasks are performed remotely using our remote desktop platform, thus we don’t have to be on your premises to carry out maintenance tasks.

server repair

Repairing a Dell Poweredge Sever

If you are unlucky enough to have a server failure, then call us immediately, and we will pull out all the stops to minimise disruption to your business, whilst getting you server repaired and back online.