Network Install and Maintenance

LAN Network PanelNetworks are probably an important part of your I.T. resources, helping P.C.’s, workstations, servers, laptops and devices such as shared printers, faxes, scanners, storage devices, all connect seamlessly together and also to other external public & private networks as well as the internet and the World Wide Web.


Networks help staff communicate easily, share resources, workload and make team-working practical and efficient, so it’s important that your company network is aligned for your needs.

If you need network support, need to install a network or are not sure if networking can bring your company any benefit, contact us for a free consultation and quotation if appropriate.

We can supply, install, repair, optimise, secure your network, and give you options such as wired or wireless ( or a combination ), high speed gigabit networking, or simple “peer to peer” for low cost network functionality.

If you already operate a wireless network, are you sure that you have taken the proper steps to make sure that it is secure ? We can check and secure your network, making sure you are using features such as 128 bit encryption, MAC address filtering, SSID masking, appropriate firewalls and anti-virus, to make sure that your data and network is secure and private.