Domain Names

domain namesHow do your customers find your website on the internet ?

Well, you need a Domain Name.

A Domain Name is basically your website “address” on the internet. As a domain reseller, we specialise in searching, buying and registering a Domain Name(s) for your company.

We can search and register any domain extension, such as the popular, .com, .org, .net etc etc, or even one of the newer styles, such as .services, .business, or any of the current 882 domain extensions !

We can also administer your Domain Name, making sure that your company always owns it, and has full rights to it’s use, you never accidentally let it expire, and of course we can handle the technical side to make sure that the World Wide Web ( WWW ) DNS servers know where to find your website in relation to your domain name.

Prices for us to find & register your Domain Name start at a surprisingly low price of £25.00 for a 2 year period, so there is absolutely no reason why you should wait any longer before securing a domain name for your company.

We can also also purchase and register a number of Domain Names for your company and make them all point to your website, to give you complete confidence that no one else can ever “hijack” your company’s success by purchasing a similar Domain Name, or indeed the same name with a different extension !

Contact us, and we will give your our best advice on Domain Name purchasing and registration. If you would like to purchase and manage your own domain name yourself, why not visit our domain search and registration site at