Application and Software Support

Application support can be help in installing a program or application, or even choosing the correct program or application for your business requirements, or simply help in using software, to make your employees become more productive with their programs, utilities, applications and associated hardware.

Ensite Business Technology can provide your company and employees with printed documentation and “help guides”, … “on-line” or “P.C. media” interactive “step by step” directions and examples, “one to one” tuition for particular application, programs or utilities, or group sessions for overviews, discussions and multimedia “fly through”.

If it’s word processing, data bases, spreadsheets, internet applications, imaging solutions, audio & video capture, accounting solutions, e-mail clients, etc etc, come and speak to us, and we can make a difference to how your employees interact and use software and applications.

Application support can be tailoured to your specific business needs, so that your business and your employees can make the most of current IT resources.